Deadpool Ver. A XM PO

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Deadpool comes in 2 versions for collectors to choose from. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS PAGE IS FOR VERSION B, it comes with additional switchouts (details below). Collectors who prefer the version with just the full mask headsculpt should check out VERSION A HERE. More choices for collectors at different price points!



Welcome to the Deadpool character bio, nerds! I mean...True Believers! Brought to you by me, myself, and I: the fabulous Deadpool! I could have let some smelly pencil-pushing intern spell out my life story for you, but you deserve better. So, here it is, straight from the Merc with a Mouth's mouth—every detail of my morally ambiguous, mentally unstable, innuendo-laden more at

The Deadpool Ver. B Premium Collectibles statue features:

  • Our fav merc leaping over a carousel horse, ready to plunge into a fight.
  • Two (2) Headsculpt - 1 featuring his full Deadpool mask, 1 with his mask half rolled up, grenade clenched between his teeth.
  • Two (2) Left and Right Feet - 1 with standard boots on, 1 with rocket launcher effects.
  • Black frame depicting comic book panels with speech bubbles, allowing Deadpool’s iconic display of breaking the fourth wall.
  • Crafted in cold cast porcelain.
  • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish.
  • ES: Made-to-order (MTO)